Saturday, March 12, 2016

Website of the Week


Xochicalco, Mexico: The Plaza of the Stele the of Two Glyphs, with the stele and its altar visible at center and the western pyramidal temple behind. Source:

CyArk is a multimedia project that aims to digitally preserve heritage sites throughout the world primarily through the use of 3D scanning technology. As growing civil unrest, vandalism, and environmental disasters threaten heritage sites, CyArk provides a practical, important, and unique service. In addition to 3D renderings, the website provides access to lesson plans, historical facts, high-resolution photographs, and restricted access to data point clouds. CyArk appears to be the only major endeavor with an educational as well as a conservational motive that documents sites across the globe.

Review by Phillip Ballo, SWC Library Staff Member. Read his full review here.

To learn more about CyArk and its mission, view the TED Talk by Ben Kacyra, Digital Preservationist.

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