Thursday, December 21, 2006

Friends of the Library Essay Contest - WIN $100!Scroll down to the December 15th post to find out how.
Library Closed for Winter Break
We are closed December 21-January 1. The library will reopen Jan 2 at 8 a.m.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

FACT' Issues & Controversies in American History

Step back into history and view the issues of the past that have shaped our world. Enjoy the in-depth explorations on issues such as religious freedom in the colonies, the Civil War Reconstruction, women’s suffrage and more! A great database to provide researchers with quick access to primary source documents, timelines, biographies, images, charts, historical texts, interviews, and more.

To access the Issues & Controversies in American History database and other library research databases visit our Articles and Databases webpage

Friday, December 15, 2006

Friends of the Library essay contest
Once again the Friends of the Library will sponsor an essay contest. There will be up to five prizes of $100 each.

The essay prompt is based on the College Book, Enrique's Journey (author Sonia Nazario).

On the back cover of the book, there is a quote from noted author Isabel Allende “ . . .If you are going to read only one nonfiction book this year, it has to be this one, because you know these young heroes. They live next door.” Do you consider Enrique a “hero”? Why or why not? Cite specific examples from the book to support your point of view.

To enter the contest, you must be registered as a SWC student for spring 2007. The essay must be at least one page but no longer than three pages typed and must be submitted electronically to before 4 p.m. on Thursday, February 22, 2007.

If you have questions, contact Diane Gustafson in the Library, 482-6433.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Books: December 16, 2006
Call # Title
2946 The shape shifter.
2947 Cross
2948 Capital crimes.
2949 Inés of my soul.
2950 The handmaid and the carpenter : a novel.
2951 A Christmas secret : a novel
2952 The shepherd, the angel, and Walter the Christmas miracle dog.
2953 Heaven Lake : a novel.
2954 The Raphael affair.
2955 Blue water.
2957 The people's act of love.
2958 Hundred-dollar baby.
2959 What came before he shot her.
2960 Empire.
2961 The secret life of Houdini : the making of America's first superhero.
2962 Pasiones romanas.
2963 Famous writers school : a novel.
2964 Death of a department chair : a novel.
2965 Moral disorder : stories.
2966 American bee : the National Spelling Bee and the culture of word nerds : the lives of five top spellers as they compete for glory and fame.
BF2050.C56 2005 Abducted : how people come to believe they were kidnapped by aliens.
BF637.N66.G84 2006 Nonverbal communication in close relationships.
BL240.3.C66 2006 The language of God : a scientist presents evidence for belief.
BL245.C34 2006 The many faces of God : science's 400-year quest for images of the divine.
BR118.D84 2006 The skeptical, passionate Christian : tools for living faithfully in an uncertain world.
BV4501.2.J43 2006 Buried alive : a discussion of overcoming the seven lifeless sins.
CB161.C355 2006 The extreme future : the top trends that will reshape the world for the next 5, 10, and 20 years.
DG209.G753 2002 Rome : a thousand years of power and glory.
DS79.76.R535 2006 Fiasco : the American military adventure in Iraq.
DT61.E3285 2002 Egypt in the time of the pharaohs.
E184.A1.M6 2006 Minorities : race and ethnicity in america.
E185.61.L64 1997 Negro in American life and thought.
E443.M38 2004 Divided mastery : slave hiring in the American South.
E445.A3.S4 1994 Slavery in Alabama.
E450.B8828 2003 From fugitive slave to free man : the autobiographies of William Wells Brown.
E901.1.O23.A3 2006 The audacity of hope : thoughts on reclaiming the American dream.
E902. P47 2006 American theocracy : the peril and politics of radical religion, oil, and borrowed money in the 21st century.
F1216.5.C65 2006 Mexican days : journeys into the heart of Mexico.
F159.C55.S58 1994 Bloody dawn : the Christiana Riot and racial violence in the antebellum North.
GE199.I4.G84 2006 How much should a person consume? : environmentalism in India and the United States.
GV1136.8.E74 2006 The greatest fight of our generation : Louis vs. Schmeling.
GV1136.8.M94 2005 Ring of hate : Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling : the fight of the century.
GV1746.A44 2006 The complete idiot's guide to ballroom dancing. + DVD.
GV1785.D82.K35 2005 Kaiso! : writings by and about Katherine Dunham.
GV31.F88 2006 The Roman games : a sourcebook.
GV741.S8 2006 Made to be broken : the 50 greatest records and streaks in sports. + DVD
GV846.5.M248 2006 Hockey : a people's history.
GV863.A1.H58 2006 Shades of glory : the negro leagues and the story of African-American baseball.
GV884.G375.C63 2006 Getting open : the unknown story of Bill Garrett and the integration of college basketball.
GV939.T78.A3 2006 Alone in the trenches : my life as a gay man in the NFL.
HC110.W4.W425 2006 Wealth accumulation & communities of color in the United States : current issues.
HC79.P6.D94 2006 World poverty.
HD6490.R32.U653 2006 Mobsters, unions, and feds : the Mafia and the American labor movement.
HD9576.S33.E53 2006 The energy within : a photo history of the people of Saudi Aramco.
HD9993.E452.C43 2005 Smartbomb : the quest for art, entertainment, and big bucks in the videogame revolution.
HF5382.5.U5.C373 2006 Careers and occupations : looking to the future.
HM1041.R37 2006 The culture code : an ingenious way to understand why people around the world buy and live as they do.
HN65.O74 2006 Culture warrior.
HN90.E4.R85 2005 Ruling America : a history of wealth and power in a democracy.
HQ1418.K46 2006 Learning to stand & speak : women, education, and public life in America's republic.
HQ536.B59 2006 Changing rhythms of American family life.
HQ799.7.K36 2006 Generation debt : why now is a terrible time to be young.
HQ800.2.T645 2006 New single woman.
HV6432.S28 2005 Homeland security : a complete guide to understanding, preventing, and surviving terrorism.
HV6545.H64 2006 Suicide : theory, practice, and investigation.
HV6626.2.S87 2006 Behind closed doors : violence in the American family.
HV8073.R325 2001 The forensic science of CSI.
HV875.55.C45 2006 Children and youth in adoption, orphanages, and foster care : a historical handbook and guide.
HV883.M4.H38 2006 One small boat : the story of a little girl, lost then found.
JC574.2.U6.C667 2006 Godless : the church of liberalism.
JC574.2.U6.S27 2005 The enemy within : saving America from the liberal assault on our schools, faith, and military.
JK1726.A428 2005 America beyond capitalism : reclaiming our wealth, our liberty, and our democracy.
JL1231.M415 2005 Mexican governance : from single-party rule to divided government.
JL1265.U38 2000 The Mexican Congress : old player, new power.
JL1281.C35 2007 Politics in Mexico : the democratic consolidation.
JV6465.G55 2006 Minutemen : the battle to secure America's borders.
JV6465.T36 2006 In mortal danger : the battle for America's border and security.
JV6475.D43 2006 To be an immigrant.
JV6483.H386 2006 Whatever it takes : illegal immigration, border security, and the war on terror.
KF4545.S5.F558 1997 Dred Scott v. Sandford : a brief history with documents.
KF5050.N37 2006 The constitution in exile : how the federal government has seized power by rewriting the supreme law of the land.
LB1027.5.E52 2000 Students helping students : a guide for peer educators on college campuses.
LB1031.5.G67 2005 Peer tutoring : a teacher's resource guide.
LB1031.5.O5 2005 On location : theory and practice in classroom-based writing tutoring.
LB1631.C4475 2005 Tutoring adolescent literacy learners : a guide for volunteers.
LB2341.K39 2006 Higher ground : ethics and leadership in the modern university.
LB3033.P44 2005 Recess : its role in education and development.
LC212.62.K69 2005 The shame of the nation : the restoration of apartheid schooling in America.
LC213.2.B75 2005 Bringing equity back : research for a new era in American educational policy.
LC4704.H364 2003 Handbook of learning disabilities.
LC4705.R46 2006 Strategy instruction for students with learning disabilities.
LC5800.G56 2005 Global perspectives on e-learning : rhetoric and reality.
ML3470.B68 2002 World music : a very short introduction.
ML3556.A34 2006 African American music : an introduction.
ML410.E44.A3 1976 Music is my mistress.
N6853.D8.B3413 Duchamp. [re-instated]
NK4340.R3.P57 2005 Handmade culture : raku potters, patrons, and tea practitioners in Japan.
PE1405.U6.C7 1989 Creative writing in America : theory and pedagogy.
PE1408.B883 1993 The creative process.
PN1998.3.W45.C366 1995 Orson Welles. 2 vol.
PN6231.C25.S28 2006 The political zoo.
PN6727.B3757.Z46 2006 Fun home : a family tragicomic.
PQ2603.E378.E53 1956 Waiting for Godot : tragicomedy in 2 acts.
PR6065.C558.T78 1991 True believers.
PS3505.A87.M89457 2001 Readings on My Antonia.
PS3511.A86.A6 1993 Absalom, Absalom! : the corrected text.
PS3561.O85.S9 1994 Swimmer in the secret sea : novella.
PS3562.E8544.M68 2000 Motherless Brooklyn.
PT8895.S5 1994 The quintessence of Ibsenism.
PZ8.3.S4684.M252 2006 ¿Mamá?
Q181.I624 2005 Improving urban science education : new roles for teachers, students, and researchers.
QA184.2.K37 2003 Linear algebra and geometry : a second course.
QA21.H45 2006 Great feuds in mathematics : ten of the liveliest disputes ever.
QA21.H68 2005 A history of mathematics : from Mesopotamia to modernity.
QA303.E24 1994 Advanced calculus : a differential forms approach.
QA433.J3613 2001 Vector analysis.
QA551.E58 2005 Coordinate geometry.
QA564.H3 1998 A vector space approach to geometry.
QA611.17.R45 2005 Geometry and topology.
QB460.7.G43 2006 Revolutionaries of the cosmos : the astro-physicists.
QB835.L48 2005 David Levy's guide to variable stars.
QC174.13.R67 2006 Quantum enigma : physics encounters consciousness.
QC32.W2 2007 The flying circus of physics.
QC7.5.N49 2006 The new physics for the twenty-first century.
QC861.3.T38 2005 Elementary climate physics.
QC981.8.G56.S64 2005 Global warming : personal solutions for a healthy planet.
QC981.R763 2005 Plows, plagues, and petroleum : how humans took control of climate.
QD478.S53 2005 Solid state chemistry : an introduction.
QE721.2.E97.H35 1997 Mass extinctions and their aftermath.
QE861.6.E95.W37 2006 Out of thin air : dinosaurs, birds, and Earth's ancient atmosphere.
QH105.C2.B45 2006 California's frontier naturalists.
QH501.W48 2006 In the beat of a heart : life, energy, and the unity of nature.
QH506.S8246 2003 Calculations in molecular biology and biotechnology : a guide to mathematics in the laboratory.
QH641.P54 2005 Aglow in the dark : the revolutionary science of biofluorescence.
QH76.E54 2006 Endangered species : protecting biodiversty.
QK115.R88 2006 National Geographic field guide to the trees of North America.
QK45.2.G57 2006 Botany illustrated : introduction to plants, major groups, flowering plants families.
QK475.T83 2006 The tree : a natural history of what trees are, how they live, and why they matter.
QK98.5.A1.V36 2005 Food plants of the world : an illustrated guide.
QL638.S2.C622 2006 Salmon.
QL737.S63.R44 2006 The Florida manatee : biology and conservation.
QL751.C8825 2005 Headless males make great lovers : & other unusual natural histories.
QP376.R47285 2006 The naked brain : how the emerging neurosociety is changing how we live, work, and love.
QP751.W66 2006 How fat works.
R726.D42 2006 Death and dying : end-of-life controversies.
RA407.3.H42 2006 Health and wellness : illness among Americans.
RA790.6.S66 2005 One nation under therapy : how the helping culture is eroding self-reliance.
RM222.2.W295 2006 Weight in America : obesity, eating disorders, and other health risks.
RM236.M37 2001 Vegan : the new ethics of eating.
RM301.25.N5 2004 Drugs : from discovery to approval.
RM332.D989 2006 Artificial happiness : the dark side of the new happy class.
SB433.15.S74 2006 American green : the obsessive quest for the perfect lawn.
SF513.P4.J33 2006 Peacock.
T173.8.C62 2006 The change function : why some technologies take off and others crash and burn.
T173.8.F63 2006 The gecko's foot : bio-inspiration : engineering new materials from nature.
T174.7.E39 2006 The nanotech pioneers : where are they taking us?
T385.F54457 2006 AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD LT 2007 bible. + CD-ROM
TA1215.L47 2006 The box : how the shipping container made the world smaller and the world economy bigger.
TD883.145.C2.C37 2006 Introduction to air in California.
TK5105.8885.A26.B4535 2006 Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 with C#.
TL798.8.U5.E82 2006 Space exploration : triumphs and tragedies.
TR146.W27 2002 Photography.
TR267.W22 2005 Creative vision : digital & traditional methods for inspiring innovative photography.
TS752.R44 2005 Gemmology.
TX357.S527 2006 The way we eat : why our food choices matter.
U408.5.F157 2006 ASVAB 2007 : the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.
UH399.5.M67 2006 Mind wars : brain research and national defense.
Z682.4.S89.K38 2006 Managing student employees in college libraries.

Friday, December 01, 2006

New Books: December 1, 2006
Call # Title
2933 I, Nadia, wife of a terrorist.
2935 The thirteenth tale : a novel.
2936 Thirteen moons : a novel.
2937 Skeleton Coast.
2938 Lisey's story : a novel.
2939 The collectors.
2940 The Bancroft strategy.
2941 Morrigan's Cross: Circle Trilogy; bk. 1
2942 Dance of the gods : Circle Trilogy; bk. 2
2943 Valley of silence : Circle Trilogy; bk. 3
2944 The five people you meet in heaven.
2945 Dear John.
B789.D4.K84 2002 What dying people want : practical wisdom for the end of life.
B831.2.N67 1990 What's wrong with postmodernism : critical theory and the ends of philosophy.
BF1779.F4.B76 1997 Practical feng shui.
BF441.N63 2006 Critical lessons : what our schools should teach.
BF575.F2.B68 2006 Fear : a cultural history.
BF637.N66.P43 2006 The definitive book of body language.
BP182.G4 2005 The far enemy : why Jihad went global.
BS659.R68 2006 Evolution and Christian faith : reflections of an evolutionary biologist.
BX1752.W55 2002 Why I am a Catholic.
BX4705.D25.B86 1989 Father Damien : the man and his era.
CT788.M254.A3 2006 Stuart : a life backwards.
D570.33 369th.S58 2005 Lost battalions : the Great War and the crisis of American nationality.
D767.99.M27.B76 2005 Hell is upon us : D-Day in the Pacific, June-August 1944.
DB2241.H38.A513 1990 Disturbing the peace : a conversation with Karel Hvížďala
DG70.P7.B93 2006 Pompeii : the living city.
DS113.7.J36 2005 The Palestinian national movement : politics of contention, 1967-2005.
E183.8.M6.M84 2005 Gringolandia : Mexican identity and perceptions of the United States.
E185.86.G77 1976 The Black family in slavery and freedom, 1750-1925.
E185.9.C87 1981 The free Black in urban America, 1800-1850 : the shadow of the dream.
E457.5.S993 2006 Manhunt : the twelve-day chase for Lincoln's killer.
F1221.N3.P37 2006 The origins of Mexican Catholicism : Nahua rituals and Christian sacraments in sixteenth-century Mexico.
F1419.A1.B49 2005 Beyond black and red : African-native relations in colonial Latin America.
F869.L89.N4 1995 Fire this time : the Watts Uprising and the 1960s.
GF503.D4 2005 Why geography matters : three challenges facing America : climate change, the rise of China, and global terrorism.
GN345.6.K33 1997 Breaking the ice : a guide to understanding people from other cultures.
GN346.C72 1992 Field projects in anthropology : a student handbook.
GN378.P47 2002 Culture sketches : case studies in anthropology.
GV1589.F73 1996 Dance imagery for technique and performance.
GV1746.M36 2006 Glamour addiction : inside the American ballroom dance industry.
GV1751.S49 2005 Modern ballroom dancing.
GV1782.5.M56 1997 Choreography : a basic approach using improvisation.
GV706.5.S597 2005 The sport star : modern sport and the culture economy of sporting celebrity.
GV706.G8613 2006 In praise of athletic beauty.
HD6095.T49 2006 From marriage to the market : the transformation of women's lives and work.
HD9681.A2.B73 2006 Solar revolution : the economic transformation of the global energy industry.
HD9999.B442.F75 2006 Building biotechnology : starting, managing, and understanding biotechnology companies.
HM1106.G66 2006 Social intelligence : the new science of human relationships.
HM753.B47 2005 Us and them : understanding your tribal mind.
HN90.S6.M49 2006 The trouble with diversity : how we learned to love identity and ignore inequality.
HQ536.H48 2006 Single by chance, mothers by choice : how women are choosing parenthood without marriage and creating the new American family.
HT384.U5.F55 2006 This land : the battle over sprawl and the future of America.
HV4708.A833 2005 Children and animals : exploring the roots of kindness and cruelty.
HV5824.W6.S865 2004 Substance abuse treatment and care for women : case studies and lessons learned.
HV6250.4.W65.I574 2006 "Intimate" violence against women : when spouses, partners, or lovers attack.
HV6710.S38 2006 Roll the bones : the history of gambling.
K52.S63.R63 1975 Dictionary of legal terms : Spanish-English and English-Spanish.
KF9223.R62 2006 Law without justice : why criminal law doesn't give people what they deserve.
LB1057.J46 2006 Enriching the brain : how to maximize every learner's potential.
LB1181.2.M34 2005 Teaching literacy in kindergarten.
LB2328.N4 v.135 Academic pathways to and from the community college.
LB2342.C315 2006 Paying for college without going broke.
LB2342.V43 2004 Going broke by degree : why college costs too much.
LC2683.3.C76 2006 Mexican roots, American schools : helping Mexican immigrant children succeed.
LD2151.M63 1963 The founding of Harvard College.
ML3187.B69 2000 The golden age of gospel.
ML3531.P75 2006 Hip hop culture.
MT935.P529 2004 Directing the choral music program.
NK2076.A1.S242 2004 Indian interiors.
PC2271.K378 1989 501 French verbs fully conjugated in all the tenses in a new easy to learn format.
PN175.C57 1999 Classical rhetoric for the modern student.
PN1993.5.U6.K465 2005 American independent cinema.
PN4162.K285 2006 The human voice : how this extraordinary instrument reveals essential clues about who we are.
PQ2671.U47.I3413 1998 Identity.
PQ7087.E5.L38 1993 Latin American writers : thirty stories.
PQ7297.F793.A7613 2000 The years with Laura Díaz.
PQ7797.B635.F42 1962 Ficciones.
PR2831.A2.M26 2005 Romeo and Juliet. + CD
PR4416.P3 1973 The party fight and funeral.
PR4416.W5 1973 Wildgoose Lodge and other stories.
PR471.D6 1987 The ordinary universe : soundings in modern literature.
PR5042.O562.B65 1969 The brook Kerith; a Syrian story.
PR5907.U5 1983 A Reader's guide to William Butler Yeats.
PR6021.I24.I5 1992 In a harbour green.
PR6029.C33.A6 1957 Three plays : Juno and the paycock, the shadow of a gunman, the plough and the stars.
PR6029.F3.B5 1969 Bird alone.
PR6063.A24287.F35 1992 The fallen & other stories.
PR9080.Q39 2000 Postcolonialism : theory, practice, or process?
PS3505.A87.M8944 2002 Understanding O pioneers! and My Antonia : a studient casebook to issues, sources, and historical documents.
PS3558.I45.S23 2003 Sacred clowns.
PS3573.O642.B58 2002 Blood Orchid.
PS3573.O642.L15 2000 L.A. dead.
PS374.W6.C48 2006 Chick lit : the new woman's fiction.
PS508.M4.M49 2006 Mexico in mind : an anthology.
PZ7.J28278.L352 2006 La línea.
PZ8.3.R67257.C55 2006 Cookies : bite-size life lessons.
Q130.M46 2005 Men, women, and the birthing of modern science.
Q175.32.R45.D43 2006 The intelligibility of nature : how science makes sense of the world.
Q1765.35.S55 2006 Challenging nature : the clash of science and spirituality at the new frontiers of life.
Q177.F45 2006 The psychology of science and the origins of the scientific mind.
QA241.A84 2006 Fearless symmetry : exposing the hidden patterns of numbers.
QA295.B718 2006 Real infinite series.
QA76.73.J38.P47 2006 Ajax hacks.
QA76.73.J39.M35 2006 Head rush Ajax.
QA76.76.I59.R82 2005 iLife '05. + DVD-ROM.
QA76.9.D3.F439 2006 FileMaker 8 @work : projects and techniques to get the job done.
QB981.V526 2006 Many worlds in one : the search for the other universes.
QC174.17.G46.R63 2006 Shadows of reality : the fourth dimension in relativity, cubism, and modern thought.
QC6.S6535.2006 The trouble with physics : the rise of string theory, the fall of a science, and what comes next.
QC794.6.S85.W65 2006 Not even wrong : the failure of string theory and the search for unity in physical law.
QD33.B48 2006 Hazardous materials chemistry.
QD43.B35 2005 Elegant solutions : ten beautiful experiments in chemistry.
QE86.G73.G73 2003 Grand Canyon Geology.
QE89.H37 2004 California geology.
QE90.S5.H54 2006 Geology of the Sierra Nevada.
QH193.G3.K75 2006 Galápagos : a natural history.
QH303.W55 2006 The creation : an appeal to save life on earth.
QH442.2.W544 2006 After Dolly : the uses and misuses of human cloning.
QL696.P2367.S29 2003 Crow.
QL737.C2.L34 2005 Large carnivores and the conservation of biodiversity.
QL737.C23.G74 2006 Tiger.
QL737.C27.B54 2005 Bear.
QL737.C4.R66 2006 Whale.
QL737.M3.N68 2005 Walker's marsupials of the world.
QP37.H385 2006 The human body : uncovering science.
QP38.M33 2006 Human body : a visual guide.
QR41.2.S33 2006 Microbe.
R859.7.I58.C85 2006 Health information on the internet : a study of providers, quality, and users.
RA401.D44.S53 2006 The body hunters.
RA410.M34 2006 Money driven medicine : the real reason health care costs so much.
RD129.5.H43 2006 Last best gifts : altruism and the market for human blood and organs.
RG518.U5.W34 2006 Born in the USA : how a broken maternity system must be fixed to put mothers and infants first.
RG950.E77 2006 Nurse-midwifery : the birth of a new American profession.
SF336.W475.D73 2006 Black maestro : the epic life of an American legend.
TA455.C55.S73 2005 Clay : the history and evolution of humankind's relationship with Earth's most primal element.
TK5105.875.I57.O39 2005 The information revolution : the not-for-dummies guide to the history, technology, and use of the World Wide Web.
TK5105.8885.A26.M586 2006 Sams teach yourself ASP.NET 2.0 in 24 hours. + CD-ROM.
TK5105.8885.M38.B27 2006 Macromedia Studio 8. + CD-ROM.
TK7816.G75 1997 Basic electronics.
TK7868.D5.K55 1999 Digital electronics : a practical approach. + CD.
TR310.J36 2005 Digital intermediates for film and video.
TR650.T54 1970 The great themes.
TR681.C5.T55 1971 Photographing children.
TR790.T55 1974 Travel photography.
TR820.5.T55 1972 Documentary photography.
TR897.7.K861 2006 Mastering Maya 7. + CD-ROM
TR897.7.W377 2006 Introduction to 3D graphics & animation using Maya. + CD-ROM.
TS753.Z64 2006 The heartless stone : a journey through the world of diamonds, deceit, and desire.
TT507.J68 2005 Fashion design.
U51.H37 2005 Warriors : portraits from the battlefield.