Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Changes coming
We are making changes to the area between the main entrance and the elevators. We have added many new titles to our EZ collection, which has books of interest to adults but in language suitable for those learning English. You can now easily find a book not only on a specific topic but also by reading level of difficulty.

Those books that had MCN on the spine are gone. For many years, we had belonged to a rental plan which provided bestseller-type titles. However, the rental was often much more than what we would pay for the book through Amazon, and then if we wanted to buy the book, we would be charged an additional fee. We are going to be ordering lesiure reading through Amazon, and some titles are already on order.

All recently-received books will now be sent to the New Book Shelf for a yet-to-be-determined period of time. Some of you may remember that we used to do this in the old library and that it was popular.

We hope you like the changes we are making to this area.