Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Books: November 16, 2006
Call # Title
CC115.C64.A3 2006 Final report: an archaeologist excavates his past.
DS79.66.H87.C68 2002 Saddam : king of terror.
DT63.H39 2006 Mountains of the pharaohs: the untold story of the pyramid builders.
E125.V3.D66 2005 Documents of the Coronado expedition, 1539-1542: "they were not familiar with His Majesty, nor did they wish to be his subjects".
E184.F4.L68 2006 Common destiny: Filipino American generations.
E468.S45 2006 Civil War America,1850 to 1875
E855.B37 2006 Something happened: a political and cultural overview of the seventies.
E98.R3.A83 2006 Circle of life: traditional teachings of Native American elders.
F1215.S97 2006 Porte Crayon's Mexico : David Hunter Strother's diaries in the early Porfirian era, 1879-1885.
F1236.C358 2005 Mexico's military on the democratic stage.
F862.K76 2006 California vieja: culture and memory in a modern American place.
F869.S3975.Y36 2003 Building a community : the story of Japanese Americans in San Mateo county.
GF55.D78 2006 Dry: life without water.
GT511.C668 2001 The complete history of costume & fashion : from ancient Egypt to the present day.
GV1029.12.T46 2004 Motor racing: the golden age.
HC427.95.M43 2006 One billion customers : lessons from the front lines of doing business in China.
HD259.B893 2006 Buying a home.
HD62.5.M387 2005 Business for beginners: from research and business plans to money, marketing and the law.
HD69.P75.R523 2006 Readings in information technology project management.
HD9321.9.T73.L49 2005 The Trader Joe's adventure: turning a unique approach to business into a retail and cultural phenomenon.
HD9665.5.M69 2006 Selling sickness: how the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies are turning us all into patients.
HF5548.4.M523 K45 2006 The unofficial guide to Excel 2003.
HF5548.4.M525.K72934 2006 Office 2003 simplified.
HG179.G467 2006 On the road. Getting married.
HJ2362.A27 2006 Taxes are a woman's issue: reframing the debate.
HM851.G65 2006 Who controls the internet?: illusions of a borderless world.
HQ1063.6.C365 2006 Caring for an aging parent.
HQ1418.C58 2000 The Columbia guide to American women in the nineteenth century.
HV547.S23 2005 SHAM : how the self-help movement made America helpless.
HV6430.Z37.B7513 2005 Zarqawi : the new face of Al-Qaeda.
HV6529.F685 2005 Extreme killing : understanding serial and mass murder.
HV8694.C77 2005 The cultural lives of capital punishment: comparative perspectives.
JZ5538.A38 2005 After terror : promoting dialogue among civilizations.
KF3455.Z9.G84 2006 The essential guide to federal employment laws.
KF4770.A946 2005 Is there a right of freedom of expression?
KF535.Z9.D67 2006 Nolo's essential guide to divorce.
KF750.Z9.O5 2006 On the road: planning an estate.
LA429.C42.L49 2005 The ambivalent revolution : forging state and nation in Chiapas, 1910-1945.
LB1028.3.G87 2005 Recapturing technology for education: keeping tomorrow in today's classroom.
LB2331.E85 2005 Establishing & sustaining learning-centered community colleges.
LB2338.M299 2003 The athletic recruiting & scholarship guide: for high school athletes and parents, all sports grades 9-12, learn the secrets to maximizing exposure to coaches and achieving scholarship potential.
LB2342.S335 2006 Saving/paying for college.
LC111.G68 2005 Does God belong in public schools?
LC1756.P47 2006 College girls: bluestockings, sex kittens, and coeds, then and now.
M2117.A47 2001 African American heritage hymnal.
ML1038.T35.V37 2005 The way of taiko.
ML3800.M73 2006 The singing neanderthals: the origins of music, language, mind, and body.
ML394.L37 2006 Rock en Español: the Latin alternative rock explosion.
NK1510.L4 2006 How designers think : the design process demystified.
P119.3.P658 2006 Unspeak: how words become weapons, how weapons become a message, and how that message becomes reality.
P94.6.L85 2000 Media, communication, culture: a global approach.
PE1129.S6.F67 1991 Larousse gramática inglesa comunicativa
PJ1051.T95 2005 Egypt : how a lost civilization was rediscovered.
PN147.P55 2005 Spunk & bite : a writer's guide to punchier, more engaging language & style.
PN6120.A4.B44 2003-04 The best American short Plays 2003-2004
PS595.F65.H68 2004 Hot potato: mealtime rhymes.
PZ7.M4784.A224 2006 Adéle & Simon.
PZ7.W6367.F457 2006 Flotsam.
PZ8.3.F738.F27 2006 Fast food.
Q173.W54 2006 What we believe but connot prove: today's leading thinkers on the age of certainty.
QA43.3.K54 2005 Astronomical enigmas: life on Mars, the Star of Bethlehem, and other Milky Way mysteries.
QA76.6.I5858 2001 Introduction to algorithms.
QA76.73.C153.S77 2000 The C++ programming language.
QA76.76.O63.A454 2006 Active directory.
QA76.76.O63.K36743 2005 Windows XP in a nutshell.
QA76.8.B53.K36 2006 BlackBerry for dummies.
QB43.3.A94 2006 Uncommon sense: understanding nature's truths across time and culture.
QB643.W38.H37 2005 Water and the search for life on Mars.
QC173.57.M36 2006 Relativity demystified.
QC174.12.M379 2006 Quantum mechanics demystified.
QD43.L57 2005 Kitchen chemistry. + CD-ROM
QE862.S3.C87 2005 The Sauropods : evolution and paleobiology.
QH31.D2.Q35 2006 The reluctant Mr.Darwin: an intimate portrait of Charles Darwin and the making of his theory of evolution.
QH438.7.S53 2005 Human genetic engineering: a guide for activists, skeptics, and the very perplexed.
QH541.5.S35.K67 2006 Wave-swept shore : the rigors of life on a rocky coast.
QH588.S83.S35 2006 Stem cell now: from the experiment that shook the world to the new politics of life.
QK46.5.D58.S55 2005 Demons in Eden: the paradox of plant diversity.
QL430.7.O9.S74 2004 Oyster.
QL505.5.C67 2003 Cockroach.
QL565.P74 2006 Bee.
QL568.F7.S584 2003 Ant.
QL666.C584.Y68 2003 Tortoise.
QL666.O6.S78 2005 Snake.
QL696.F34.M33 2006 Falcon.
QL696.P7.C37 2006 Parrot.
QL737.R666.B84 2006 Rat.
QP376.B755 2006 The female brain.
RA643.86.A35.I43 2006 The African AIDS epidemic : a history.
RB152.T56 2005 The poison paradox : chemicals as friends and foes.
RD27.7.C87 2006 Cutting to the core: exploring the ethics of contested surgeries.
SF422.5.M34 2004 Dog.
T173.8.S595 2006 Made to break : technology and obsolescence in America.
T385.S88 2006 Fixing PowerPoint annoyances : how to fix the most annoying things about your favorite presentation program.
TJ808.S87 2006 Kicking the carbon habit: global warming and the case for renewable and nuclear energy.
TK7816.B79 2005 The science of electronics : DC/AC.
TR267.L57 2005 Photography reborn : image making in the digital era.
TR713.H67 2005 Spacecam : photographing the final frontier - from Apollo to Hubble.
TT504.K95 2006 Fashion : from the 18th to the 20th century. 2 vol.
TX335.L456 2006 Not buying it: my year without shopping.
TX723.5.S7.B374 2005 The cuisines of Spain : exploring regional home cooking.
UF503.W45 2006 Imaginary weapons : a journey through the Pentagon's scientific underworld.
Z471.M64 2006 Reluctant capitalists : bookselling and the culture of consumption.
Z678.9.T415 2005 Technology for the rest of us: a primer on computer technologies for the low-tech librarian.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

FACT' Issues & Controversies

Looking for a research topic or information about an issue? The database explores and updates controversial topics and public policy issues. This database covers more than 70 controversial topics each year. One of the controversial issues that is focused on this month is school uniforms. Do uniforms and dress codes improve students’ behavior and their academic performance? Or do they violate students’ rights to freedom of expression?
To access and read the Issues & Controversies database and other library databases visit the our Articles and Databases webpage
New Library Periodicals

New additions to our periodicals collection are the Journal of Hispanic Higher Education and Chicano Art Magazine.
These periodicals are available for library use at the Periodicals Counter.
To view our complete title list of print periodicals, visit our Articles and Databases webpage and select the Periodicals Holdings List link.

Library Hours during the Fall semester are:
Monday - Thursday 7:30 am to 8:00 pm
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Library will be closed Thanksgiving weekend
The Library will close at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 22 (there are no evening classes) and will re-open on Monday morning, November 27, at 7:30 a.m.

But don't despair! With a little planning, you can take advantage of your time off from classes to work on those research papers. Come in before November 22 and check out the books you will need. Get the passwords so you can access our databases even when the Library is closed. Create a netLibrary account so you can read e-books (books delievered to your computer electronically).

Everyone here in the Library wishes you a happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 03, 2006

New Book Area Debuts November 1st!

The Library is pleased to announce the debut of our New Book Area, a place where you can enjoy all of the latest additions to our collection. Bring your SWC ID and you can take any of these fresh, piping-hot treats home for 4 weeks! Brand-new batches of books will be displayed twice a month, so come by and take a look.

A list of all of the new books will be posted twice a month on our “What’s New” Library blog.

And while you’re at the Library, don’t forget to visit the updated Leisure Reading Collection. These books are “for fun” reading -- a perfect companion to relaxing on the beach, sunglasses on and iced tea in hand.

Visit the Library and find a new favorite book (before someone else finds it first)!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Books: November 1, 2006

Call # Title
BF637.O94.R625 2006 The overachievers: the secret lives of driven kids.
BJ1498.L88 2006 Doing nothing: a history of loafers, loungers, slackers and bums in America.
BV601.85.O85 2006 A woman's place: house churches in earliest Christianity.
CT3203.M46 2004 The book of Latina women: 150 vidas of passion, strength, and success.
DA175.C366 2003 The struggle for mastery : Britain, 1066-1284.
E784.Z45 2006 Flapper: the notorious life and scandalous times of the first thoroughly modern woman.
F1221.Z3.D44 2006 Into the hearts of the Amazons: in search of a modern matriarchy.
GN282.G52 2006 The first human: the race to discover our earliest ancestors.
GT2850.P65 2006 The omnivore's dilemma: a natural history of four meals.
GT596.B3813 2006 Fashion: the twentieth century.
GV884.R86.N45 2005 Bill Russell: a biography.
GV943.49.C76 2006 The World Cup: the complete history.
GV943.49.F56 2006 The World Cup: the ultimate guide to the greatest sports spectacle in the world.
HB615.B675 2006 If at first you don't succeed--: the eight patterns of highly effective entrepreneurs.
HC59.7.E22 2006 The white man's burden: why the West's efforts to aid the rest have done so much ill and so little good.
HD30.28.G733 2005 Competition demystified: a radically simplified approach to business strategy.
HD45.C37 2006 Innovation: the five disciplines for creating what customers want.
HD6060.D43 2006 The declining significance of gender?
HD62.15.C26 1999 The MAC effect.
HD9502.A2.J33 2005 Sustainable fossil fuels: the unusual suspect in the quest for clean and enduring energy.
HD9502.A2.T473 2006 A thousand barrels a second: the coming oil break point and the challenges facing an energy dependent world.
HF1604.C4426 2004 China and the WTO: accession, policy reform, and poverty reduction strategies.
HF5415.1265.W53 2006 Blogwild! A guide for small business blogging.
HF5415.127.M66 2005 Global marketing and advertising: understanding cultural paradoxes.
HG178.33.U6.K37 2005 Shortchanged: life and debt in the fringe economy.
HG179.S8113 2006 Starting out.
HG179.S863 2006 Surviving divorce.
HG179.S866 2006 Surviving the loss of a spouse.
HG2040.2.W49 2004 Why the poor pay more: how to stop predatory lending.
HG4529.5.S95 2005 Unconventional success: a fundamental approach to personal investment.
HN79.C23.R336 2006 Black, brown, yellow, and left: radical activism in Los Angeles.
HQ1090.T95 2006 Where men hide.
HQ1111.F47 2004 The fire this time: young activists and the new feminism.
HQ1221.B245 2006 Tripping the prom queen: the truth about women and rivalry.
HQ734.W5787 2006 Why I'm still married: women write their hearts out on love, loss, sex, and who does the dishes.
HQ767.5.U5.H4 2005 Abortion politics in North America.
HQ767.9.W35 2006 What children need.
HQ769.L394 2006 The price of privilege: how parental pressure and material advantage are creating a generation of disconnected and unhappy kids.
HQ777.5.W652 2005 Understanding the divorce cycle: the children of divorce in their own marriages.
HQ784.I58.S24 2005 The internet playground: children's access, entertainment, and mis-education.
HV5292.A393 2004 Altering American consciousness: the history of alcohol and drug use in the United States, 1800-2000.
HV5822.L9.L73 1998 LSD: still with us after all these years.
HV875.5.R45 2006 Two little girls: a memoir of adoption.
HV875.55.F465 2006 The girls who went away: the hidden history of women who surrendered children for adoption in the decades before Roe v. Wade.
JV6035.M542 2004 Migration and immigration: a global view.
KF4757.5.M4.M49 2004 Mexican Americans & the law: el pueblo unido jamás será vencido!
KF5399.A95 2004 The rights of law enforcement officers. + CD-ROM
LB1555.H297 2005 Elementary education: a reference handbook.
ML3506.G54 1997 The history of jazz.
ML3507.M67 2004 Living with jazz.
ML3918.J39.A97 2005 Jazz consciousness: music, race, and humanity.
ML418.M45.A3 1991 Beneath the underdog: his world as composed by Mingus.
PE1128.A2.C32 2001 The Cambridge guide to teaching English to speakers of other languages.
PE1449.N377 2002 Building vocabulary skills.
PR6025.O8722.G327 2005 A gift in the sunlight : an American story.
PS3562.A4345.Z59 2004 The Cambridge companion to David Mamet.
PZ7.M4784485.I5 2006 I'm not a baby!
PZ8.K736.O5 2005 Once upon a time, the end: asleep in 60 seconds.
Q141.H264 2005 Candid science V: conversations with famous scientists.
QA11.2.U53 2005 Understanding mathematics and science matters.
QA21.S995 2006 The secret life of numbers: 50 easy pieces on how mathematicians work and think.
QA273.15.K37 2006 Chances are--: adventures in probability.
QA76.73.P224.H83 2006 PHP in a nutshell.
QA76.73.P224.U423 2005 PHP and MySQL for dynamic Web sites.
QA76.73.P224.W46 2006 PHP phrasebook: essential code and commands.
QA76.73.S67.B43 2005 Learning SQL.
QA76.73.S67.M64 2006 SQL cookbook.
QA76.76.D47.W5157 2006 More about software requirements: thorny issues and practical advice.
QA76.76.D47.W517 2003 Software requirements: practical techniques for gathering and managing requirements throughout the product development cycle.
QA76.76.T48.B553 2002 Managing the testing process: practical tool and techniques for managing hardware and software testing.
QA76.76.T48.H88 2003 Software testing fundamentals: methods and metrics.
QA76.76.T48.P38 2006 Software testing.
QA76.9.C55.R624 2005 Exchange server cookbook.
QA76.9.C55.W35 2006 Sams teach yourself Exchange Server 2003 in 10 minutes.
QA76.9.D3.M578945 2006 Fixing Access annoyances: how to fix the most annoying things about your favorite database.
QB64.L478 2005 Deep sky objects: the best and brightest from four decades of comet chasing.
QB88.Z57 2005 An acre of glass: a history and forecast of the telescope.
QB981.A44 2006 In search of reality.
QB981.P85 2006 The view from the center of the universe: discovering our extraordinary place in the cosmos.
QC16.O62.P35 2006 J. Robert Oppenheimer: a life.
QC981.8.G56.G67 2006 An inconvenient truth: the planetary emergency of global warming and what we can do about it.
QC981.D68 2005 Restless skies: the ultimate weather book.
QH105.C2.P478 2005 Perspectives of San Diego Bay: a field guide.
QK149.P25 1997 Sierra Nevada tree identifier.
QK45.2.B87 2006 Flowers: how they changed the world.
QL362.A78 2005 Life in the undergrowth.
QL463.W25 2006 A walk around the pond: insects in and over the water.
QL542.B87 2006 The life cycles of butterflies: from egg to maturity, a visual guide to 23 common garden butterflies.
QL666.C546.S24 2006 Voyage of the turtle: in pursuit of the Earth's last dinosaur.
QL737.P98.O95 2006 Secrets of the savanna: twenty-three years in the Afican wilderness unraveling the mysteries of elephants and people.
QL76.B66 2006 Sailing with Noah: stories from the world of zoos.
QL82.S73 2005 State of the wild 2006: a global portrait of wildlife, wildlands, and oceans.
QP801.C68.K369 2006 A brief history of cocaine: from Inca monarchs to Cali cartels: 500 years of cocaine dealing.
QP86.W445 2005 Healthy aging: a lifelong guide to your physical and spiritual well-being.
QV736.L28 2006 Big pharma: exposing the global healthcare agenda.
R726.C637 2006 Unplugged: reclaiming our right to die in America.
R726.R64 2004 Assisted suicide and the right to die: the interface of social science, public policy, and medical ethics.
RA418.5.P6.A58 2006 Poor families in America's health care crisis.
RA778.W53 2005 The doctor's complete college girls' health guide: from sex to drugs to the freshman fifteen.
RA781.7.C357 2006 Yoga for all of us: a modified series of traditional poses for any age and ability.
RB155.M673 2006 The genetics revolution: history, fears, and future of a life-altering science.
RC112.H3513 2006 Viruses vs. superbugs: a solution to the antibiotics crisis?
RC455.2.F35.B73 2005 The science of false memory.
RC463.E27 2006 Crazy: a father's search through America's mental health madness.
RC628.F33 2005 Fat: the anthropology of an obsession.
RD129.5.C4554 2006 Body brokers: inside America's underground trade in human remains.
RJ399.C6.I575 2005 Preventing childhood obesity: health in the balance.
SB481.6.M67.B58 2006 The last season.
T11.D33 2006 How to write and publish a scientific paper.
T21.B85 2005 Science and technology in colonial America.
T385.G69222 2006 The illustrated AutoCAD 2006 quick reference.
T385.G69279 2006 Using AutoCAD 2006; basics. + CD-ROM
T385.S7547 2006 Introducing AutoCAD 2006. + CD-ROM
T385.T5236 2006 Autocad 2006: a problem solving approach.
TC224.C2.G75 2005 Living with the changing California coast.
TD405.W272 2004 Water systems operations and maintenance: video training series. DVD - 3 vol.
TK5105.585.D69 2006 Routing TCP/IP.
TK5105.585.K69 2005 The TCP/IP guide: a comprehensive, illustrated internet protocols reference.
TK5105.8865.G68 2006 Skype me!: from single user to small enterprise and beyond.
TL789.85.A75.H36 2005 First man: the life of Neil A. Armstrong.
TN870.M339 2006 The age of oil: the mythology, history, and future of the world's most controversial resource.
TR899.A3623 2006 Adobe Premiere Pro 2.20. + DVD-ROM
TX837.K25947 2005 Salad people and more recipes : a new cookbook for preschoolers & up.