Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Unidos Por La Causa: The Chicano Experience

Unidos Por la Causa: The Chicana and Chicano Experience in San Diego

Unidos Por La Causa: The Chicano Experience in San Diego

The actual exhibit is currently available for viewing at the City College Library.  It has traveled around to multiple locations over the last couple years including SDSU and the Logan Heights branch of San Diego Public.  I believe it is scheduled to stay at City through spring 2016.

A bilingual interactive online exhibit can be viewed here:

Unidos Por La Causa: The Chicano Experience in San Diego is "a display of photographs, art, and historic documents illustrating the early years of the Chicano movement for social justice and civil rights in San Diego. The exhibit includes a rich and vivid presentation of a selection of 62 movement-related posters and broadsides produced in the 1960s and 1970s promoting anti-war marches, UFW protests, student conferences and many other cultural and political events, demonstrating the movement's struggle for equal education and its resistance to injustice."

The online version includes some videos.  Meanwhile, both the online version and the actual exhibit include many primary documents.  They are both very comprehensive and impressive.  Carve out some time to take a look at one or the other, or both!

Review by Nate Martin, SWC Librarian

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