Thursday, July 09, 2015

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Feet, don't fail me now : the rogue's guide to running the marathon
by Ben Kaplan.
Vancouver : Greystone Books, 2014.
Call Number: GV1065.17 .T73 K36 2014
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Running is the new black. From “Color Runs” to “Zombie Runs,” running events have become a huge industry in San Diego County. So, you wouldn’t be the first person to consider taking up running, and certainly won’t be the last. A marathon - 26.2 miles to be exact - is not just running. You need to prepare; you must practice. There is a good reason that the marathon’s namesake died right after running so far.

Enter Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now: The Rogue’s Guide to Running the Marathon by Ben Kaplan. This is a fun read about a topic that, quite frankly, can be very boring to study. Self-described as “average,” Kaplan makes running and completing a marathon accessible for just about everyone. You’ll learn about the right kind of shoes to buy, the best posture for running, and all about cross-training (which is training your body for a marathon by doing some other form of exercise other than running).

This book is divided into four main parts, which are the four types of races that Kaplan recommends building up to - 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon, and Marathon. Each chapter features a Soundtrack to get you in the right mindset for what you are about to read; these selections come from rock stars from different genres of music. There are also funny interviews and many breaks from strictly running topics.

Lace up those sneakers, and run to the Library to get this title! Then, sit back and relax a bit before you conquer your first marathon!

Review by Lauren McFall, SWC Librarian

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