Monday, April 06, 2015

Database of the Week

SIRS Researcher

The ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher Database has many sides. It is not only a “usual” database, where users can search in basic and advance search mode, and also by natural keywords or subject headings, but it helps these users to browse by having an impressive list of popular subjects and even shows the pros and cons of the leading issues on the front page.

Unlike other databases, it also has other features that make it a winner for academic research. If users have trouble finding topics for research papers, the database makes it easy by providing links to Today’s News or World Conflicts or Spotlight of the Month pages. Homework help is provided by the Curriculum Pathfinders link. Those who are looking for colorful statistics can find it in the Infographics link. All these links are on the right side of the main page.

Among the tabs in the top bar, it is worth it to click on the Database Features tab and check out the links on the new page. Many of the previously seen links appear here, and also some that are very useful to students writing academic papers, such as the Common Core Writing Guide and My Analysis and iThink links. They explain the writing process in one page PDFs or by step-by-step instruction. The My Analysis page also offers Additional Resources, such as citation and writing help, dictionary, debate guide and even a ready-made template to create a PowerPoint presentation outline. Isn’t that great?

You can find the ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher Database by clicking on the Articles and Databases link from the library's main page and choose the database link under General Topics.

Databases are accessible from off campus for all currently-enrolled SWC students, faculty, and staff.

Review by Erika Prange, SWC Librarian

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