Wednesday, April 08, 2015

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Hydrofracking: What Everyone Needs to Know
by Alex Prud’homme
Oxford University Press, 2014
Call Number: TN880.2 P78 2014

Do you want a short and easily understandable book? Looking for a subject for a pro and con paper – one which is very current and very important? This is it! This issue is currently in the process of changing not only our environment but the finances of America and its citizens. Very passionate people line both sides of the debate as do very powerful politicians.

In this work Prud’homme concisely “…explains the basics of hydraulic fracturing, considers the economic and political benefits, and explores concerns about health dangers and damage to the environment. Stepping back from the impassioned debate, Prud’homme offers an incisive introduction to one of the country’s most contentions issues.” – back cover

In the beginning of his 183 page book the author treats his readers to an easily understandable discussion of the “what”, “how”, and “where” of fracking. He also includes a glossary and a “brief primer” on fossil fuels. Prud’homme goes on to give the case for hydrofracking and then the case against it. The last half of the book contains a chapter on “The Future of Fracking”, the conclusion of the author: “Beyond Hydrofracking”, an appendix of the chemicals used in this process, notes, a list for further reading, and the index.

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