Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Presidency

The U.S. Presidency

Are you interested in knowing more about past United States Presidents? Here is a very brief selection of books at the Library -- we have many more. Just ask a librarian for assistance!

by Tim Weiner
Henry Holt and Company, 2015
Call Number: E856 .W425 2015

Draws on recently declassified documents to chronicle one of the most disastrous presidencies in U.S. history, presenting a portrait of a brilliant man overcome by his deep insecurities and his distrust of his cabinet, Congress, and the American people. -- Publisher

by Robert Dallek
Oxford University Press, 2011
Call Number: E842 .D284 2011

Based upon the definitive biography, John F. Kennedy offers readers a concise, authoritative, and highly readable life of one of our best-loved presidents.-- Publisher

by Jimmy Carter
Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, 2010
Call Number: E873 .A335 2010
The edited, annotated diary of President Jimmy Carter--filled with insights into his presidency, his relationships with friends and foes, and his lasting impact on issues that still preoccupy America and the world.-- Publisher

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