Monday, March 13, 2017

30-Minute Thursday -- Join us!

Fake News: Be a Smart Skeptic

It's more essential than ever that we know how to critically evaluate information. These days, there are so many factors involved in both the production of information and the way in which information is disseminated.

On top of the variety in quality of information out there, we bring our own points of view to the conversation. We tend to seek out information that we agree with (confirmation bias). We use social media for brief updates, but we don't always read everything thoroughly. We might tend to rely on just one or two sources for news.

Join us on Thursday to learn more about how to avoid the Fake News trap! Learn how to be a smart skeptic.
Ask your instructor if extra credit is available for attending.

Where: L-244
When: Thursday, March 16, at noon
What: Fake News: Be a Smart Skeptic

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