Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fake News?

We hear a lot about "Fake News" lately... what exactly is Fake News?

Definition of Fake News
Fake News is completely false information. It is created by an author who knows it is completely false information, but has purposefully attempted to make it look real to try to spread misinformation.


The motives for Fake News are either economic (the author makes money from advertising every time someone clicks); or political/social (the author wants to direct public opinion).

Fake News is NOT:
  • Bias -- Information may contain opinion, but that doesn't automatically make it Fake News.
  • News You Disagree With -- You may not like a particular news article, but that doesn't mean it's Fake News.

Examples of Fake News
Here are some recent examples of Fake News that are completely false and were created either to make money through advertising or because of a political/social agenda.

Bogus Ballot Stuffing Story

Pope Warns About Fake News -- From Experience

Want to know more about how to identify Fake News? Here's a handy quick guide, created by Michele Kirschenbaum, a Librarian at EasyBib.

We are also offering a 30-Minute Workshop on the topic of Fake News -- join us in Room L-244 at noon on March 16 or April 20.

For more assistance on this topic -- or any other aspect of your research -- Ask a Librarian!

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