Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Credo or Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is great for quick information -- but is there something even better?

Credo Reference

What do you do with it?
Look up any topic -- just like Wikipedia -- and get a brief overview.

What is it?
Information from published reference books organized into the tidbits you need.

What's the difference?
  • Credo Reference is likely to be more accurate. The publisher already double-checked the facts and citations for you.
  • Credo Reference is more objective. Before anything gets published, it's checked for bias and consistency.
  • Credo Reference is more credible. Wikipedia's authors are anonymous; but, with Credo you can check the credentials of authors and discover why they are considered to be experts.

Use Credo Reference for your academic assignments. It's easy!

1. Go to the SWC Library's Articles and Databases page.
2. Click on Credo Reference (#2 on the list)
3. If you are off campus, enter your WebAdvisor ID and birthdate.
4. Voila! Search anything.

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