Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to find unbiased information: Gun Control Laws

Gun Control Laws: Issues & Controversies Library Database 

Issues and Controversies: Gun Show in Iowa
A man browses at a gun show at the Mississippi Valley Fair Grounds in Davenport, Iowa, in March 2012.
John Schultz/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Looking for in-depth, reliable analysis of a controversial issue? Try the Library's database: Issues & Controversies.  Issues & Controversies is a dependable source for information on controversial topics such as gun control legislation.

In addition to reading about the current issues related to your topic, you will find background information, up-to-date statistics, and thoughtful analysis with primary documents.

In the latest issue about Gun Control Laws, Issues & Controversies provides the following statistics from the FBI and a January 2016 CNN/ORC poll.

Courtesy: Issues & Controversies Gun Control Laws

Courtesy: Issues & Controversies Gun Control Laws

Issues & Controversies and all of the Library's other databases are available for free to currently-enrolled SWC students. Click on the "Issues & Controversies" link on the Library Databases page. To access it from off-campus, simply enter your Webadvisor ID and your birthdate as your username and password.

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